The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Fiasco

By Meri Ulrich
Apr. 12, 2012

I'd like to write something intelligent about this case but thus far I have no facts to back up anything that I might say. Everything I've heard from EVERYONE involved on both sides has been speculation, biased or just plain ridiculous. I will comment on a few things that bother me and keep getting thrown around on the various cable channels.

First, let's talk about profiling. Let's use this example:

A man robs a bank and he does not attempt to cover his face. Everyone in the bank sees him. The police are called and this is what usually happens; the witnesses describe the fella and give as much information as possible from their varying points of view. The police put out a description and search for the suspect. Let's assume that what I just described involved racial profiling and that the man's true race, gender and ethnicity were given to the police.

Now, let's do this without profiling the suspect:

The police show up and this is what they are told in order for all of the witnesses to be politically correct and not engage in profiling of any kind:

There was a man/women/child who was black/white/Hispanic/Asian with blue/green/brown eyes and the height was anywhere from 5 feet tall to 6 feet tall and he/she/it weighed anywhere from 50 to 250 pounds.

How quickly do you think this potential suspect would be caught?

Now let's talk about people speaking on behalf of either George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin.

The Trayvon camp consists primarily of The Rev. Al (show up at ANY black celebrity's funeral or trial or any occasion where media exists) Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. We also have several black lawyers and the parents of Trayvon. I should add that various radio and television personalities representing the black community have also spoken out. Keshia Knight Pulliam who was Rudy on The Cosby Show is now an authority on the Trayvon Martin case and has been a talking head on some cable news shows. Rudy? Really?

Out of the above mentioned characters the only people who have conducted themselves with class and dignity and have every right to say whatever they please are the parents of Trayvon. They are the Constitutional victims in this case. Their son is dead. I listen to them with respect and empathy.

On Zimmerman's side we have only Frank Taafe, some former news anchor from CNN who cried during his commentary and than disappeared from all of the channels that I watch.His brother and father who only spoke out once and the father had his face hidden. They did what most friends and relatives do, spoke about how kind and wonderful George is and how he mentored minority children. His friend Taafe implied that he was the savior of the complex where they live because he tried to prevent several burglaries.

Okay, so other than the obvious partiality on the part of the parents and family members in question we have NO ONE who knows anything about what really happened that fateful night. We also have the loud yelling about Zimmerman not being arrested right after he shot Trayvon (even though he was taken into custody for a brief period of time). How long did it take to arrest and book Scott Peterson? How long did it take to arrest and book Josh Powell; oh wait, they never did arrest Josh Powell and he went on to kill himself and his two innocent children. How many cases languish for years and years before a suspect is arrested and a case can be proven? Too many to count.

Why was Zimmerman finally arrested; was there really ample evidence of a crime or did public and media pressure play a role in this charging ceremony that was so widely broadcast yesterday. We saw a prosecutor who announced that she "prayed" with the family upon meeting them and I became slightly alarmed. I am all for prayer but I am very much against mixing Church and State. The Prosecutor represents the State and the praying represents the Church. Maybe she could have waited until the case is settled before interjecting a religious gesture into the mix or maybe she should have just kept quiet about it.

Considering all that I have heard in the media and all of the opinions I have seen posted on the internet I still know nothing about what really happened that night. I don't know who approached whom and who hit who and why Zimmerman took it upon himself to shoot an unarmed kid carrying skittles and AZ iced tea. I don't know if Zimmerman is a wannabe cop, a vigilante, a racist or a decent guy who was scared of Trayvon based on his past experiences with burglaries in his complex. I don't know if there is a race card here or if that's only in the mind of rabble rousers like the Rev Al and Jesse J. I have no idea and aside from the Prosecutor and the investigators on this case, neither does anyone else.

No matter how loud they yell or how many march in the streets we WILL have to wait for the facts to be presented via the legal system and perhaps for a jury to decide Zimmerman's fate. I have been reading so many comments as of late about how this is about race or hoodies or evil teenage black boys and a bunch of other nonsense that none of it makes sense to me. I have been astounded at the ignorance of some posters on the Net who are quick to call every white person who makes a comment on behalf of Zimmerman a racist and every black person defending Trayvon and condemning Zimmerman a racist too.

Can we just please WAIT? Can we let the law do it's job and hope that justice is done before we all expose ourselves and our not so hidden beliefs, fears and hostilities about other races and ethnicities?

I hope so........


About the author: Meri Ulrich has a Medical/Legal background and is a former forensic researcher specializing in psychological profiling.

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