The Amazing Race: Art And JJ Confront Dave And Rachel

By Igarin
Apr. 17, 2012

The amazing race took on its yearly sojourn to the African Continent, and just as in the past it has left a lasting feeling of humbleness and awe.

It was refreshing to see Bopper and Mark finished this leg of the race in first place. They are good 'ol boys that grow on you as you listen to them and see how hard they try to win and adjust to unfamiliar territory.

Rachel and Dave are a married couple who are strong contenders for winning the entire race, however JJ and Art are right on their heels and relentless competitors. Brendon and Rachel not the most likeable couple are hanging in there, but they must keep their eyes open because people are gunning to have them out as soon as possible. Vanessa and Ralph have been close to elimination several times but have remained in the running only because other couples have lost their perspective at some point. Nary and Jaime fought tooth and nail completing a speed bump which was assigned to them for being last team last week, to their great disappointment, they arrived last again this week and so they were eliminated.

The amazing race definitely is a test of will and tenacity, the five remaining teams promise to give their last breath in order to win the race, and although there are favorites, they all are worthy of the great price because they have gotten this far by their skill.

Next Sunday Art and JJ will confront Dave and Rachel and question their going back on their word which was given back in the fifth leg of the race, when these two teams agreed to U Turn Brendon and Rachel whenever the chance arrived. Dave and Rachel however, chose not to use their U Turn.

The race moves on to India where the thrills will continue for these five teams and where the viewers will find themselves cheering for their favorite team, nevertheless, realizing that all these teams are made up of great competitors who will fight tooth and nail to be the first to cross the line in the final leg of the race.


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