Bark For Life: Racing To Help The American Cancer Society

By Top News Reports
Apr. 19, 2012

Man’s best friend is racing to help the American Cancer Society!

Sunday, June 3rd from Noon – 3:00 PM

Join your friends and family for the Bark for Life, a non-competitive dog walk to help raise money for the American Cancer Society, taking place on Sunday, June 3rd from Noon – 3:00 PM at Pikes Peak Park, 111 6th St. Norco, California.

We’re racing toward a cure with a little help from our four-legged friends! This walk will also feature local area venders that are ready to share their expertise while you’re helping to cure cancer. Amazing Mutts is leading the way, along with BarkBusters, Animal and Bird Hospital, Camp Ilene, and many more.

Prepare yourself for a day full of fun events for both you and your puppy!

· An obedience demonstration from Norco All Breed Obedience Club and freestyle routine from Award-Winning trainer Pamela Johnson and her dog Twix
· Creative dog grooming contest
· Cutest dog contest
· Best trick showdown

Funds are allocated to different portions of the American Cancer Society’s many programs, like the American Cancer Society Quitline, which helps people drop bad habits that put them at risk. Be a part of the cure that is right around the corner by contributing today and participating in the Bark for Life!

Amazing Mutts, a leader in California dog training, has gotten involved with the Bark for Life and is seeking people to join their team. The reason for their involvement has become personal.

In 2010, Nicole from Amazing Mutts received a call from a pair of owners who needed training for their Australian Shepherd. She was 5 months-old, and a real handful to work with. The owners were a young couple who had just purchased a new home. They were warm, caring, friendly people and Nicole was impressed by the love they had for their dog.

A few months after working with them, Nicole called them to check in, and to make sure that the training had stuck. The husband had been diagnosed with brain cancer, and their precious dog had died unexpectedly while he was recovering from surgery.

A few days later Nicole learned about the Bark for Life taking place in Norco, so she formed a team for the husband, Jeff. She also privately raised over $2,200 for the ACS! Fortunately, Jeff and his wife were able to attend this event along with their family, and they proudly walked along with the Amazing Mutts team.

Jeff is doing much better, but he's still fighting against cancer. The Amazing Mutts team is ready to do their part, and they want you to join them!

If you can't walk, then please consider donating just $5 or more to this cause. To learn more visit the Bark for Life information page:



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