The Amazing Race: Rachel And Dave Blew The Competition Away

By Igarin
Apr. 17, 2012

This leg of the race took place in India, where the exotic meets survival and human diversity. A land of beauty, but mind boggling as to how do these people thrive in a place where order doesn't seem to exist. Rachel and Dave win another leg of the race, and the effort and drive that Bopper and Mark have put into the race has to be recognized.

Bopper is racing despite having injured his knee and Mark just about passed out due to heat exhaustion, however, refused to give up and they managed to finish the leg. They did finish last and will have to complete a speed bump during the next leg. No need to fear, they have been in that situation before and they not only completed the speed bump and stayed in the race, but finished first the next leg.

Rachel and Dave blew the competition away, by completing the tasks effortlessly, and their nemesis Art and JJ managed to finish third.

Brendon and Rachel somehow finished second, but Rachel's drama just about ended their race.

Vanessa and Ralph finished in fourth place, but they always seem to make by the skin on their teeth; they argue and disagree, but the love between them is obvious. Next leg promises to be exciting and look forward to seeing Bopper and Mark, once again defeat the odds and remain in the race. And of course, one more time we will see Rachel, from Brendon and Rachel, dry crying and being dramatic over something; again!


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