DIY Author Deborah Dolen Announces Maid Holistic Book On Amazon Kindle

By Axel Roddham
Aug. 4, 2011


Lexington - Deborah Dolen Author of DIY “How to” series and Mabel White DIY publishing announced Dolen’s top selling natural cleaning formulations book will be available on Amazon’s Kindle Platform August 20, 2011.

Deborah Dolen and Mabel DIY Media like Amazon Kindle’s Whispernet platform so much they are committing all of Dolen’s 27 DIY books DIY the new Amazon platform. In September 2010 Deborah Dolen test launched The Beekeeper’s Digest while Mabel White DIY test launched its best sellers The Self Apothecary and The Bathroom Chemist, which were edited by Deborah Dolen. Dolen and Mabel DIY found they loved the new platform as a method of communicating “art” to the end user. All books focus around making product with natural materials; making balm, salves, lotions, perfume and crafts to participate in with others. Mabel White products are studied around the world, predominately in Canada and the U.K. school systems. Learning math and science is much more fun when making products. All books have U.S. and Metric conversions.

“I have always loved Amazon” says author Deborah Dolen. “And the new Kindle is so super cool. I do not have to lug heavy books anymore.”

Deborah Dolen’s work initially stemmed from various projects she created with her three young daughters, raising them as a widow. They are now grown. “We were just selling small recipes on eBay to show my girls industry, and years later it translated into books. There was a demand for my writing.” The projects sold so well on eBay, where she was showing them how to run a micro business that tt was not long before the projects became compiled into books and sold on Amazon.

From Amazon Deborah Dolen went to film. Many people ask Deborah Dolen how to get published. Her advice? “First and foremost have a passion for what you do. Second, make sure there is a market for what you have a passion in. Number three, and most importantly, do not sit around waiting to be “found.” Being “found” is nice but inspire your self with stories like Kidd Rocks and a multitude of other people who self promoted themselves to fame or to their personal goal.“





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