The Bomb And Gang Culture

By Mike Haran
Dec. 28, 2012

Syria falls to insurgency. Russia and China are unable to aid their ally despite having two of the most powerful militaries in the world. Israel will more likely than not prevent Iran from completing the construction of a nuclear bomb by using force; whether the US (or anyone else) likes it or not. With the end of World War II we are living in a glass house where everyone is afraid to throw stones, the stones in this case all-out war. Two things are responsible for this: The bomb and gang culture, both originating in the US and both responsible for tying the hands of the US military. One prevents all-out war the other allows an outlet for manís aggressive instincts.

Since the dropping of the first atomic weapon on Nagasaki and Hiroshima the power of the bomb has steadily increased. Where there was a hesitancy to use nukes after WWII there now seems to be an outright abhorrence. Not one of the newly nuclear armed nuclear nations are prepared to risk the suicide shot of a nuclear launch knowing that it would almost guarantee their own destruction. Would America have declared war on the USSR for supplying weapons to North Vietnam? Would the USSR have declared war on the US for arming the Mudhedeen, will Pakistan launch a nuclear device against India? No of course not, any country having the necessary intelligence to build a bomb will not be wanting to commit suicide. This begs the question: are there countries with the intelligence to build a bomb and still of the opinion that to launch one would somehow be a good idea even though it would cause their own destruction; the ultimate suicide bomber.

Since the loosening of social constraints in the sixties bringing into being the ever more power drug gangs necessary to feed the burgeoning new age culture a system has grown up where criminal organizations working hand in hand with various militant groups aided by the internet have formed a web of powers encircling the earth ever ready to supply any the newly created underground forces.

So powerful have these groups become they are have managed to infiltrate themselves into the very fabric of western society. Schools emphasize the faults of the established order giving the insurgents a propaganda weapon in their fight against law enforcement and the courts, law is constantly changed so as to facilitate their operations.

Civil rights laws enacted by the courts, state, provinces and national governments have created a massive criminal organizing able to supply money and weapons to any transnational group bent on conducting military operations, the media their willing accomplices.

Since the end of WWII wars have more and more taken on the aspect of brigade level armour and mobile infantry operations against the ever changing patina of quasi-military groups financed by the international drugs trade. It is not just a coincidence that the consumers of the product are as enamoured with terrorist organizations as they are of course a product of their own efforts; and in most cases they are sympathetic to these military groups.

So rest assured there is going to be no nuclear holocaust. Just watch your back as you step into your house, car, or business.


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