Savile The Sicko

By Stephen Lonewolf Makama
Jan. 27, 2013

Once again cause to feel sorry for the West...

The guy was not even good looking - like Denzel! Or Jamie Foxx...but how adult undies and innocent children's boxers the lecher drooled only heavens know.

I said it! I said it! The guy was a lecherous lecher: and the worst part? The Brits never found out? Or never wanted to?

I have always had it up to HERE with the hypocritical Western media but the Jimmy Savile just leaves one's psyche reeling!

How many royals did he grope to allow him continue his slimy past time which included children in children's hospitals as well as women and grown up? Infact the last case of 'gropa' was just 2 years before he left the building.

The guy is pushing daisies no doubt and most people pushing daisies would like to do so without this kind of demeaning legacy...

Shame on Savile but bigger shame on the BBC - to which Savile the Sicko was a brand name!


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