The Founding Fathers Wanted Assault Weapons

By Mike Haran
Jan. 27, 2013

Regarding the spectacular killings in high schools and Obama's efforts to ban assault weapons. At first glance it would seem that he is right, ban the weapon and bingo no more deaths. Going into things a bit more deeply we could also ban everything that is dangerous. How about knives, baseball bats, what about psychosis producing drugs, (or drugs period). <

Of course this ridiculous as these things are needed, even illegal drugs as it seems that they have become part of the legitimate economy, tolerated, if not accepted, by the majority. Witness the ho- hum attitude towards revelations of money laundering by the major financial institutions. Seems its OK to push dope but don't you dare melt ice floes with your evil capitalistic industry.

The left are all for dramatic solution's. Didn't they solve the mental health issue by denying the fact that the insane were insane and flooding the streets with those who in earlier years would be out of sight and out of mind locked up in an institution. Could the mental health issue be a factor. Does this really need to be debated as no matter what the psychiatrists say all mass killings with no hope of escape by the perpetrators are of course committed by the insane.

In a society where insanity is not only tolerated but more and more considered the norm from calls to put the economies of the west in the hands of the UN to gay marriage can you blame those who insist upon keeping their right to own assault riffles. It has been argued that the second amendment was put into the US Constitution a very long time ago and the intent did not take into account conditions pertaining to the twenty first century. But they did in fact have exactly the present situation in mind when they stated that every citizen would have the right to keep and bear arms. By arms they meant those of equal power to that of the weapons carried by the regular army, not catapults, bows and arrows, slingshots.

When looking at how society has evolved the second amendment was in fact a very wise piece of legislation and should be interpreted in it original form. The US has the largest armed forces the world has ever seen along with a government that is capable of putting into the law the most radical destructive legislation. When it becomes law that parents can not take their children out of school because they object to them being taught sexual perversion can you really blame any one for wanting to have a counter balance the possible abuse by the government.

Its all very well for liberals to say there is no need for an armed militia to keep a check on the government as the law prevents any abuse of the process and that one should blindly put ones self in the hands of the government and things will be fine. Even criminal gangs would never be so brazen.

And its no use talking about banning assault weapons as it is never going to happen, mans innate instinct for survival stronger than the large scale suicidal insanity sweeping the left. In fact a ban will make for a more dangerous situation as those possessing or wanting. to posses them will go underground.


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