CELAC Smack Smack

By Alexey Braguine
Jan. 29, 2013

Except for the night club disaster in Brazil, last week the American press was lacking coverage on Latin America. Was it because nothing was happening?

Actually a lot was going on in the US backyard. But everything that was going on was not to the liking for those in North America accustomed to lording it over the Western Hemisphere. For the first time ever the US and Canada felt the chill of isolation.

Prime ministers, heads of state, foreign ministers of over sixty countries gathered in Santiago, Chile for the first CELAC (Economic Association of Latin American and Caribbean Nations) annual Summit. Present were all countries of Latin America. The US and Canada were not invited. But Angela Merkel of Germany was and several other representatives of European countries

The main subjects of discussion . were the European economic crisis and the growth of the Latin American economies. The region's economies have registered at least moderate growth during 2012. Unlike the US who in practicing its Pivot strategy is dispatching warships to Asia, Latin America is increasing trade with Asia and Europe. The Pacific Union, a sub group of CELAC consisting of Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico are enjoying economic boom times trading with China and ignoring the northern neighbor who has activated the US 5th Fleet in charge of policing the no longer obedient Latin Americans.

To further irk the USA, the presidency of CELAC for 2013 was handed over to Raul Castro of Cuba.

This grand meeting dramatized the different approaches to solving economic, and geopolitical problems by the USA and the rest of the world. Where the US sends warships to solve problems and waste gazillions of dollars, other nations send freight ships loaded with goods and make money.

It is not surprising that in this last decade of US war and more war policy which is bleeding the country of lives and treasure is isolating the US from its own backyard. Do you hear the silence of the US mainstream press?


About the author: Alexey Braguine spent four years in Vietnam and Laos during the American involvement there. He has also worked in the Middle East and has visited Pakistan-Afghan border areas. He is the author of Kingmaker, a geopolitical thriller.

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