Reaches It's 1,000 Client, Looks To Help Millions Save On Legal Bills

By Jebb Dobson
July 25, 2011

New York City -, a new service that offers ''pre-legal'' assistance for as low as $19.99 and free consultation has reached it's 1,000th customer today according to Corporate officials.

''The web site is changing the way disputes and conflicts are being resolved in a pretty dramatic way'' said site co-founder Mike Sprianu. ''We help private individuals and usually smaller size companies avoid costly litigation and other legal bills by a streamlined process that helps bring about resolution before the need to even hire a lawyer,'' he continued. offers a $19.99 service that includes a letter prepared by a lawyer addressing a conflict or dispute, providing the plaintiff or defendant's point of view, relevant laws and proposed solutions. In most cases, this well-crafted letter sets in motion a suitable resolution, guided's trained counselors .

In more complicated cases fees can reach $49.99 to $99.99 and include phone call intervention by an attorney. Many times it is small businesses that opt for the more comprehensive packages. has assisted businesses to protect their trademark,ward off attempts at frivolous suits, and stop defamatory actions by competitors and clients.

Still, most clients are private citizens, according to Sprianu.

''In many cases legal assistance just isn't an option,'' said attorney-at-law David Cohen, continuing '' as the cost of legal intervention can be higher then the financial value of the matter at stake it just doesn't make sense for many potential clients, leaving them at a crossroads, unsure what the next step might be.'' Cohen concluded ''now, it's a lot easier as these clients can turn to PrelegalHelp.Com.''

Examples of types of matters that helps resolve quickly and cheaply include: neighborly disputes, foreclosure proceedings, estate and credit disputes, airline conflicts, creditor harassment cases, and nearly any matter that might or should come to Small Claims Court.

According to founders, the site was designed to help ensure the great American principle of ''justice for all'' not just those who have unlimited financial resources and can afford their justice.

It is also imagined that the site will make society less litigious as an easier resolution to many matters can now be more readily obtained.

On the site reaching it's 1,000th customer Sprianu was forward-looking ''It's a humble start but we envision 1,000 users per day in the near future,''' clarifying that ''there are more then 1,000 people per day that can be helped by our service and benefit from getting low-cost, full resolution to their problem.'' currently has specialists in law from the United States, Canada, and the European Union and plans to expand to cover more countries soon, though the site’s core business will remain US-focused.



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