Report Suggests Connection Between Comet Elenin And Earthquakes

By Top News Reports
July 27, 2011

A recent report on the comet Elenin, shows that three devastating earthquakes of the past year have all happened on the exact day, or within a couple of days, of a perfect alignment of the Sun, the Earth, and Elenin. The report suggest there are two possibilities, coincidence (which they rule out) and the possibility that Elenin is somehow involved with triggering devastating temblors here on Earth.

The report offers the hypothesis that Elenin could be dark matter, a brown dwarf star, or something yet undiscovered. Suggesting that if Elenin is just a comet, it certainly would not have the gravitational pull necessary to stress the Earth's crust to the degree needed to cause the earthquakes that have been linked.

The author calls on NASA to better explain this so-called comet and it’s connection to the earthquakes in Pelluhue, Chile; Christchurch, NZ; and Tohoku, Japan.

To see a video, visit the report in full on the "comet" Elenin.



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