Casey Anthony: One Year Since The Justice System Let Me Down

By Meri Ulrich
July 6, 2012

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary since a jury acquitted Casey Anthony of murdering her daughter. Tru TV's "In Session" decided to devote the entire day to rehashing the whole mess under the pretext that they were looking toward what lies ahead for Casey. I was incensed that they would devote so many hours to the attention seeking famewhore who got away with...something.

I use the word "Something" because like the jury who acquitted her, I too do not know exactly what happened to Caylee Marie Anthony.

This is what I do know; Casey was the last person seen with her child, Casey's car had the unmistakable stench of a decomposing body in it's trunk, only Casey was using that car and Caylee was dumped in a swampy area that had meaning to Casey and to no one else in her family. There was the scent of Chloroform in the trunk and the child's skeletal body had duct tape around it's mouth and nose. Casey was partying up a storm in the days following Caylee's so-called disappearance and Casey wanted to live the "Bella Vita" (the good life), which she had tattooed on her shoulder right after Caylee disappeared.

Casey lied to everyone about her daughter, a so-called Nanny that did not exist and just about everything else when questioned by the police and Casey play-acted a good show in court during her trial.

Sadly, because the Prosecution and the Medical Examiner could not say for sure what killed the child and the Defense offered the alternative theory that Caylee drowned and that somehow Casey's Father, George was involved and that George molested Casey when she was a child, this was the reason why Casey reacted like she did during the 31 days that her daughter was missing and why she lied. It was given as the reason why she was ultimately innocent. The Defense, with all of it's "theories" never submitted one piece of evidence to substantiate it's claims but they did enough to confuse the jury and force them to declare Casey not guilty of all charges concerning her daughter.

In my opinion Casey got away with...something. I'm not sure if it was murder, accidental or simply negligence. I DO know in my heart and from watching all of the evidence that was presented by the Prosecution that Casey did..something to her child and that as a result of what she did the child died. I DO know that Casey dumped her child in a swamp to let her decay and be ravaged by animals and I DO know that Casey lied to police and everyone else.

So, that's what happened a year ago and that isn't why I am writing this. I am writing this because I am disgusted that we are still hearing about Casey Anthony and that a reputable program decided to make her their focus for an entire day.

It was mentioned that Casey has been in contact with her mother and that they are both wearing necklaces containing Caylee's ashes. That made me feel sick. It doesn't surprise me because Casey's entire family is the dictionary definition of dysfunctional and nothing that any of them do surprises me. Casey's mother, Cindy, is a perfect example of a passive-aggressive person at the very least. I believe that Cindy Anthony is the root cause of all that transpired in that home since the birth of Casey and after the birth of Caylee. She is a woman who literally scares me even though she is portrayed as a caring, loving mother. Her Father, George has been under the control of Cindy for many years and for some reason he can't seem to get out from under it and continues to be subjected to shameful accusations and terrible treatment from his wife and daughter.

I was angry to hear Casey's lawyer, Cheney Mason making his usual arrogant comments about how he would not bother "toasting the Constitution on July 4th" but would do so at the hour one year later that Casey was acquitted. So, in Mr. Mason's opinion Casey Anthony is more important than those who fought for our freedom and our Country itself and deserves a "toast"? What a sick, lost soul who just like everyone else who is close to Casey Anthony is somehow out of whack and who's vision of the world is skewed and wrapped in lies.

I am hoping that Casey Anthony disappears and that I never hear another word about her. Of course, that won't happen and we will be bombarded with Casey's every move forever and ever and she will continue to profit and benefit from that...something....that she did to her child. Caylee is all but forgotten and Casey is once again in the headlines.

Sadly, this is the way things work in our world and often the victims are cast aside while the perpetrators are glorified and allowed to roam free reaping all sorts of rewards along the way. I can only hope that someday there is a real judgment awaiting Casey Anthony and that when it comes she will finally get the punishment that she deserves. I hope that she never lives the "Bella Vita" and instead, vivere in un inferno.


About the author: Meri Ulrich has a Medical/Legal background and is a former forensic researcher specializing in psychological profiling.

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