Are The Saudis The Root Of All Evil?

By Alexey Braguine
July 27, 2012

Just a few years prior to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Saudis began an intensive campaign of establishing hundreds of madrassas (Islamic Seminaries)in Pakistan. This got the Salafi zealot ball rolling. It seemed harmless enough at the beginning. Booze stores were closed, restaurants stopped serving wine. For those of us living in the country at the time it was a minor inconvenience.

We could get blotto in private clubs and smuggle booze from Dubai and Bahrain. We would bring our own wine into restaurants where attentive waiters would provide the essential corkscrews. Meanwhile, the madrassas were not churning out holy clerics but fanatical jihadists.

No one worried about religious students going off to Afghanistan and causing trouble to the Soviet supported government in Kabul. After all, the Cold War was in full swing.

When the Soviet Army showed up in the Indukush, the private booze clubs in Pakistan had closed and the waiters no longer provided corkscrews to foreigners. That should have rang alarm bells all over the world and made dramatic headlines.

Imagine what would have happened if The New York Times ran a first page article titled Islamabad Outlaws Corkscrews.

This would have enraged the French who would have formed a Coalition of the Swilling and dragged the U.S. Poodles into a war against the teetotaler Madrassistas while leaving the vodka swilling Soviets deal with the Afghan Jihadis.

This was not to happen.

But, Russia after its liberation from the Soviet Communists learned its lesson.

So now we see Russia assisting the beer and whisky swilling Americans in shipping supplies through the Northern Route.

And Russia hopes Americans will keep some sort of military presence in the Afghan non drinking wilderness.

This will keep Jihadis occupied.

But the real problem persists, fueled by U.S. dollars the Saudis are now financing and arming Salafist non drinking zealots in Syria.

One should take notice how the Islamist wave is moving west. From Afghanistan to Iraq the mission has been accomplished. Now comes Syria. When the US attacks Iran, that will consolidate the communication lanes of the Caliphate. And notice, the forward outpost in Libya is already working.

The way the whole system works is: U.S. Dollars go to Saudi Arabia, who passes the money to the Jihadists who invest it in weapons and attack the sinful and whisky swilling Americans.

Someone please tell Obama and Hillary Clinton not to assist the spread of Jihadism and the Saudi Evil.


About the author: Alexey Braguine spent four years in Vietnam and Laos during the American involvement there. He has also worked in the Middle East and has visited Pakistan-Afghan border areas. He is the author of Kingmaker, a geopolitical thriller.

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