Revolutionary Fashions Change

By Mike Haran
June 15, 2012

Remember when the CIA could do no right. It was accused of meddling in the Arab Israeli conflict and thus being responsible for the loss of 34 American lives due to the sinking of the Liberty; the capture of the US Pueblo by the North Koreans due to its engaging in a type of intelligence gathering that beleaguered an already beleaguered administration,(Nixon's of course). And then there was the accusation of it being the perpetrators of the 1967 Greek coup; of arranging the death of Che Guevara; of fanning the student riots in Mexico in an attempt at forcing the Mexican government to become more anti Castro.

How times change. Every day now we read of another group of terrorists eliminated by covert means as drones unleash their deadly Hell Fire missiles upon yet another target. The CIA has recently endorsed the creation of the Department of Clandestine Warfare (DCW) stating this will improve the coordination and accountability of the militaryís HUMINT, (which, due to a high turnover, is never very efficient), the DCS having ranking general officers and field grade officers who will stay put for the long term. Not a peep from anyone, never mind the usual suspects. Could the Bush administration have passed this legislation? I think not. Obama is necessary in order to allow this type of warfare to occur. It would be idiotic to even consider a demonstration against him and it. America is getting back in the spy business as without it there is a complete intelligence breakdown, as the attacks during the 9/11 period have shown.

This UAV phase of the war on terror, ( impossible without HUMINT) is analogous to the phase of the cold war where stinger ground to air missiles, supplied to the Mujahedeen by theCIA, bought down the Hind helicopter gunships that had inflicted such terrible destruction upon hundreds of villages in Afghanistan.The protesters could not very well have come out against this, instead they chose to protest Ronald Reaganís deployment of Pershing missiles in Europe placed so as to counteract the soviet SS20

Those that would normally be at the forefront protesting the use of UAVís are strangely quiet. I think that this generational thing. The baby boomers were just embarking upon their great revolution and one of the enemies of this revolution was law enforcement in general and the CIA in particular. Bill Clinton won the praise of his fellow revolutionaries when he, upon achieving the presidency, fulfilled one of his campaign promises which were to curb the power of the CIA. Now the CIA is not the enemy, the ire of the protesting type now raining down upon big business, college tuition fees, and the one percent who get all of the bucks. One thing about the modern revolutionaries is that no matter who they hurt their little spats of destruction must go ahead.


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