Living With Fake Reality

By Meri Ulrich
June 18, 2012

What is real and what isn't? To me, real is trying to meet my monthly obligations and simply staying alive on a day to day basis. Real is watching my husband to make sure that he is taking his meds and not wandering off when we go to the market. Real is worrying about a sick child who's days are numbered. Real to me is wondering if my roof will stay intact during the next big storm and if my insurance company will replace it if it doesn't. I could go on and on telling you what is real to me but all of the things that I listed above are irrelevant in today's world.

What is REALLY real is the name Kardashian, a name that garners endless hours of commentary and millions of dollars in revenue.Is Khloe pregnant? Is Kim really married? The list goes on and on and so does the money which keeps pouring for these REAL people. There are The Real Housewives of wherever and what their latest crisis is and who is flipping tables or fighting with whom. There is Patti Stanger, a homely, gigantically tall Jewish American Princess wannabe who hooks up so-called millionaires with working shlubs and gives advice to the lovelorn in several magazines. There are the Basketball Wives who never fail to reach an even lower low than their previous season filmed and show young girls that the right thing to do when settling a dispute is to punch someone out or bully them into submission.

The list of the new reality is endless and never stops growing. Every season we are subjected to even more shows where "stars" are created out of whole cloth. Where people we wouldn't notice in the street are suddenly A-list celebrities worthy of as much print space as a George Clooney or even a Barack Obama. Sometimes, even more print space is given to these people and certainly more conversation is generated by the very utterance of their names.

When did you watch Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien or Jimmy Fallon and not hear about a Kardashian and their latest exploits? When did Teresa Guidice's table flipping antics and infamous eleven million dollar bankruptcy case not command huge headlines on several magazines?

Have any of you ever heard of Jill Zarin...or Countess Luann or Shaunie O'Neil or Evelyn Lozada? Ever read about Juicy Joe Guidice cheating on his wife Teresa or missed one of her NY Times bestselling cookbooks at your local bookstore? If you're really lucky she'll be there in person throwing Italian cheese balls at you (or whatever she calls her "Fabulicious" morsels of food!)

No matter who you are or where you reside someone from this new reality will be on television or in the news. No matter how much you avoid watching their shows or thinking about these ridiculous people and their scripted so-called real lives they will be in your face. They get more news print then people who determine how you live, what you pay for, and what matters to your children.

The old reality has been replaced with the new, and ladies and gentlemen, that is NOT a good thing; as reality cooking and decorating Queen, Martha Stewart would say.

I had planned to end this on the line above until I REALized that I was quoting one of the most famous reality stars of all while writing about the absurdity of reality stars. Absurd!!!!!!


About the author: Meri Ulrich has a Medical/Legal background and is a former forensic researcher specializing in psychological profiling.

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