Casey Anthony And Some Other Cases

By Meri Ulrich
Mar. 1, 2012

I have to admit that I was a little surprised by the responses that I received after writing my last article on Joran van der Sloot as it has been a long time since I wrote any thing at all about him or the Holloway case.

Some of the responses were positive and one was negative. That's a good thing as I appreciate everyone's opinions no matter how absurd they may be. One individual predicted (I guess he has psychic powers), that Natalee will appear by Christmas. I hope that he's right and I will be glad to say that I was wrong about Joran disposing of Natalee Holloway. What a wonderful way to be wrong.

I'd like to discuss some other cases in this article as so much has transpired since that fateful day when Natalee disappeared and we first heard of Joran. Currently there is a trial taking place concerning a Rutgers student who invaded the privacy of his roommate and is being charged with a hate crime and invasion of privacy. His name is Duhrun Ravi and he was an eighteen year old college freshman when the incident occurred. His roommate, a gay young man took his own life by jumping off of the George Washington Bridge but Ravi is not being charged with anything in connection with Tyler Clementi's suicide. Ravi used his webcam to spy on Tyler Clementi as he had an encounter with a male in their dorm room. Tyler had asked Ravi to allow him to have the room in private on two separate occasions. Both times Ravi used his webcam to watch Tyler and his male guest as they kissed one another.

I absolutely believe that Ravi is guilty of Invasion of Privacy but see no evidence of bias which would make him guilty of a hate crime concerning Tyler's homosexuality. I believe that Ravi was a very immature kid who did what immature kids do..he watched his roommate during private moments and than dragged other people into it. There is no evidence that he ever said anything negative about gay people or that he harbored a hatred for them. I believe that the prosecution over-charged due to pressure of the media coverage and the public concerning bullying. I see no bullying in this case; just stupidity.

I also wanted to mention the Casey Anthony case and to point out a sign that someone carried outside of the courthouse in Orlando after hearing the jury's verdict: It read, "Somewhere a village is missing 12 idiots". I agree. I also do not believe in the jury system and would prefer that a judge decide cases of this magnitude based on evidence and the law rather than what a defendant looks like in court or what her smarmy, lying attorney has to say. Jose Bias told one lie after another to that jury and they obviously believed him and not the evidence that the prosecution so carefully presented to them.

The justice system is imperfect so sadly, there will be more Casey Anthonys. Every day there is news of abductions, child murders or disappearances and other violent crimes. Two days ago a sad, lost kid shot up his school in Ohio and now three students are dead and hundreds of people are left to deal with the aftermath. Babies are missing and their parents are suspects. Where is Baby Lisa or Ayla? Where is Baby Gilbert or so many of the other children we hear about? What happened to Kyron Horman and why is there no way to question his step-mother who is the main person of interest? It seems like having an attorney not only guarantees one the right to protection under the constitution but to completely walk away from any responsibility for some crimes. What about the victims? Who protects their rights? Missing posters and pleading parents aren't enough.

It has occurred to me that if I want to watch the news I will have to hear about an almost daily occurrence of the above crimes.

There was a time where hearing about a missing child was a rarity but now there is a large club of anguished parents who have either no answers as to what happened to their children or have buried them due to the friendly sex offender living down the block.

I can write about these cases for the rest of time but I, like most people have no real answers as to how to stop this progression of horrendous behavior.

Sometimes I long for old times and the days when life seemed so simple. Maybe it never was simple but there was no media to carry the stories nightly and no real awareness of how evil people can be.


About the author: Meri Ulrich has a Medical/Legal background and is a former forensic researcher specializing in psychological profiling.

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