My Lai, My Afghanistan: Things John Rambo Would Not Do

By Stephen Lonewolf Makama
Mar. 13, 2012

Believe you me. This is no quip, no pun.

I have family. I have friends serving or served in the US military so this could not be closer than you would ever realize.

What were they thinking? From the Marines caught on tape pissing on dead Taliban corpses (January 2012) to the burning of the Koran …what in the world were they thinking? Now as if that was not bad enough a Staff Sergeant sleeps walks or sleeps drives off a FOB to a sleepy Afghan village and methodically dispatches 16 unarmed civilians – mostly women and children…then sleep drives or sleep walks back to base and turns himself in.

What is happening to the US Military? Ok Army to cast the accusatory stones in their proper place…

I listened to the various odd State-side commentators, on the unfolding issue and they certainly were not helping matters – from almost trying to expantiate the mental state of the staff sergeant, to McCain highlighting the corrupt nature of the Karzai regime and why America was in Afghanistan in the first place “they launched 9/11 from there… (Grrrr).”

Simply said America should get out now or face the possibility of going down and out the way the Soviet military juggernaut was rolled out by a ragtag army of wild-eyed local tribesmen – with assistance of course. It may be the same that may have happened to the US National basketball team finding out they are not the BEST after all, finding itself beaten for the first time at a sport that is quintessentially American unfortunately in this case it’s the reverse of sports or losing a simple game of, hoop.

Maybe after all, the United States Military- Army possesses the same primordial characteristics of all men in khaki or combat with a gun and with freedom, liberty and equality in the veins.

Top brass and Washington can sermonize all they want but the Taliban just scored The BIG one against the United States Military, Iran- too irregardless of their stance toward the Taliban will ratchet this on and on at home and amongst their allies.

Maybe it’s a DoD thing, if it is not some bureaucrat goofing majorly in D.C. it will be some Nebraska kid high on adrenaline going postal on the field.

Donald Rumsfeld it was that raised a stink when reports came out that he was using a writing machine to write condolence letters to families of Service men killed in action at the height of the Iraq debacle- then in 2010 Afghanistan there was the ‘kill team’ incidences US Service who were killing and collecting fingers, toes ears and oddments ‘Predator’ style!

Sure, temporary insanity- one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’s nest a la carte, ongoing traumatic stress and disorder- the works! Yep they work quite well for an ensconced public – at home, couch potato comfortable and all that…but you could hear it in the voice of the Taliban / Afghan government’s go between guy, “… we are still recovering from the burning of the Koran trauma – and nothing is being done it seems and this thing happens …”

If it were some private or noncommissioned dweeb top brass could argue it and convince the most illiterate Afghan how and how it was an act of a single misguided individual –but heck a Staff Sergeant?

Admit it’s going to be a long long hard climb out for this one and the best possible thing to do would be to seriously? Pull out all stops and bring the boys back home!

According to Jake Horowitz (PolicyMic)” The U.S. military and NATO forces have become a toxic presence in the country”.

One thing is for sure – these are things John Rambo would not do and seriously? Huahh? Move Em Out! Rawhide!!!)


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