Death Of The West Highly Exagerated

By Mike Haran
Mar. 23, 2012

The Middle East appears about to fall apart along with North Africa and Afghanistan. Bush II invades Iraq. The fourth largest army in the world is defeated within weeks. Sadam engages in assymetric warfare pitting Sunni against Shiite, both against the Kurds and al Quida against the US and UK. Obsfucation is an effective technique~for awhile, what is to be merely delayed.

The mightiest power ever to form within recorded time was attacked at the very heart of its largest population center setting into motion a process the primitive minds of its perpetrators could never understand. Even some of those attacked had no inkling of the terrible consequences for the insane attack upon the WTC.

The overthrow of Sadam created the desire for the same in similiar Arab dictatorship countries, the rebellions met with the expected cruel methods favoured in this part of the world, reaching all the way to Pakistan where its architect met his end.

In my mind all was preordained envisioned by a select few (not neccessarilly the Bush administration) who had no doubt thought things through to their logical end long before the actual attack. Its perpetrators made a serious miscalculation regarding the resilience of the west, whose death has been highly exagerated.


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