Trayvon Martin, Don't Ask Don't Tell -Enter CITES

By Stephen Lonewolf Makama
Mar. 31, 2012

So that I do not lose you along the way. So I do not want to shock your system either by the main grain – or what the main grain of this write up is going to be: simply that the case of this young, dead, black man may have been raucously different if, IF he had been young, dead, black aaaaand gay – HOMOSEXUAL?

Yep I said it!

Lately I HAVE been having these Zimmer-mares- Zimmer with chain saw, Zimmer on Elm Street, Zimmer –Cula (Count)…it’s horrible.

Politicians suck, I mean not just especially politicians in an election year but especially politicians in an election year and the media and the media munching masses…

Last time a ‘minor’ was subject of such election year / media buzz / romp / circus was Elian Gonzalez, a little kid who made headline news when he lost his mother while she was trying to escape Castroland over sea. It was an almost free for all- in Florida, and at the end of it all Bush beat Al –in Florida.

Apparently the resemblances to the case may be few and in between. Elian was a lovable Hispanic boy fleeing from an oppressive dictatorial regime while Trayvon Martin was a young black man already in America and had no need for the media airbrushing albeit media distortion…

This America folks and we have heard of how Trayvon was the aggressor and Zimmerman was the victim to the point that he, almost grizzly, was on the ground being pummeled by the skinny black teen, but at what point he was able to get back to his two feet and ‘stand his ground’ and shoot from his ground…? Guess we will never know?

So what would happen if suddenly some new evidence surfaced from Trayvon’ s shrink that Trayvon was keeping in the closet – and that since nobody asked he did not tell – that he was gay.

For years a black man could be strung up by ‘good citizens’ on the nearest tree for no other reason than his being black!

Let’s be honest on this folks – okay imagine so the two were fisti-punching and fisti- cuffing and someone 911ed and the cops rolled in screeching to a halt ( and it was half light) and they said “ Stop!” and asked “Names!” First one goes “Zimmer!” and the next goes “Trayvon!” No prizes for guessing where the shooting will be towards.

Florida has had its share of such intolerance and nothing seems to have changed much since we started sharing buses and drinking fountains?

The disturbing, in my view, thing however is the gradual aligning / realigning of the racial demographics –once again…black on black was as historic as the lynchings and so whenever there was / is a black on black media and the Geraldo Riveras would be quick to point out the history of the how ‘unintergrated’ the black man has been in the USA- and probably if there is a white on black, a Hispanic on black, an Arab on black (incidentally a friend on Facebook posted a while back how on several instances Arab aggressors had killed blacks for no seeming reason and the story had not been given the coverage or simply glossed over…)…it’s almost as if on the non black on black are saying “…what da…? We is do yuz a favor…”

Shortly after the incidence I caught a radio BBC radio interactive in which one of the contributors – obviously an African man almost yelled “…the black man in America is hunted!”

Don’t let Newt hear that though but maybe it’s time to include the black on the CITES- APPENDIX III.

A cartoon in a 1970's sociology textbook had por trait snapshots of two men- one clean shaven in suit and tie, and black- the other bearded, disheveled and dirty and Caucasian – white. The caption was “The man most likely to be pulled over and frisked is the first man…”

Oh, incidentally the photo of the first man was Dr Martin Luther King Jr.


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