Forward: A Slogan Used By Both Gov. Scott Walker And President Obama

By Top News Reports
May 3, 2012

The slogan "Forward" is popular these days. It is being used by both Democrats and Republicans. President Obama is currently using it. So is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. What does "forward" mean? Which way is forward?

"I think that since Gov. Scott Walker is conservative, so he will be the definition by keeping tradition, there is no progress by keeping tradition. I think he's just trying to play with Wisconsin's slogan to benefit him. He isn't helping Wisconsin in anyway to move forward. We move forward by helping one another to progress as a nation, like the President is trying to do. I get that the Governor wants entrepreneurs, but we all can't be one. We need jobs here and Gov. Walker is outsourcing jobs, which isn't helping our country. Creating jobs here is what we should focus on. I get that he created tax breaks, but no company, unless struggling, should pay zero taxes. Everyone should pay taxes to fund our government and everything associated with it. Of course our government should cut unnecessary spending, that's why we're in this mess, but I don't like or agree with the Governor using the slogan "Forward" because I think it is invalid and misleading." Said Wisconsin political observer Sandra Mendez.

Check out some of the funny ways the slogan has been used:



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