Hurricane Sandy And Politics

By Mike Haran
Nov. 1, 2012

Watching the TV as the hurricane progressed and then it's after effects I could not help comparing it with other natural calamities in other parts of the word. What is so striking is the way things were taken in stride, as though this was part of the routine. I could not but help but wonder what would happen somewhere else, say in Mesopotamia, sub-Saharan Africa, or in the Asian north east. I envisioned TV screens full of hordes of panic stricken refugees; make shift first aid stations, tents from the UN, a call for volunteers and medical help along with charities set up to deal with the emergency.

Obama has recently made a speech stating 'America has a tradition where everyone pitches in and helps his neighbor'. Already he is trying to make political hay; the inference being that the strategy of dealing with natural disaster should be carried on into the business and social sphere.

The reason systems were in place to deal with the effects of Hurricane Sandy was not due to a socialist system of government, but to that of one of the free market where competition in the private sphere brings expertise to the public one. Al Qaeda and its ilk must be biting their nails in desperation as they view the carnage caused and how fast things got back on track; a lot faster than if the same thing had occurred in their own regions of the world.

The United States has always had a penchant for organization and as has a track record in bringing assistance to those who have been the victims of not only natural disasters; but also of manmade ones. Grenada, Panama, Serbia were manmade disasters in the offing where the US prevented possible future chaos. In disaster zones the world over she has been the first in with the most, her critics, especially in the socialist camps, the least. All the socialist camp can respond with is their media campaigns of smear, innuendo and outright lies, but when the chips fall and have to be counted they have nothing to show for all of their self-righteous posturing.

How or if this will affect the election is hard to say. Personally I don't think any of it will make a difference, those committed are committed to their side and nothing is going to change their minds, in much the same way as Dinkins was replaced as major of New York by Juliana eventual so too will Obama be replaced by someone who can do the job.


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