The Election

By Mike Haran
Nov. 9, 2012

Barack Obama won the election and Europe is ecstatic. Why would France so overwhelmingly support Obama with a 92% approval rating, or Britain for that matter with a similar but slightly smaller percentage, if they are getting nothing out of it?

One the biggest problems of all great powers are that after a while they not only believe their own propaganda, but begin to act on it.

Britain believed it had the mission to bring civiliztiion to the rest of world in much the same way as had Rome bought to it. France believed it had duty to make the entire world French so as to give them the benefit of French culture. Holland believed its devine mission was to spread its merchantile system throughout the world. All were bought down by US sabotage. During world War Two General Douglas MacArthurís policy was to deny the former colonial powers their empires after Japans defeat. In the case of Britain he held back approval of a Chinese lingage with Britain in Burma against Japan as he wanted Japan to take Burma first, thus preventing Britain from re-entering its colony after the war. After the war the US lack of support in its fight against terrorism and communism in its colonies on the vague grounds that colonialism was the greater evil and must be left to die a natural death also contributed to Europes decline.

In Indo China at the battle of Dien Bien Phu America refused to lend French forces assistance in the form of airpower, the Viet Minh prior to this having asked China for permission to fall back into its southern border in the event of defeat. The US refused and so left the field upon to the communists who eventually moved into South Vietnam as the Viet Cong. During the Egyptian takeover of the Suez Canal in 1956 the US combined with Russia and the UN to force Britain, France and Israel to out of the canal zone, virtually threatening war if they refused, further bringing down European reputation and influence in the world.

The belief in ones own propaganda is often the reason for ones downfall. Athens believed it had the right to bring all of the Pelopenennesians the benefits of democracy and so bought about its own destruction from those cities resenting its power. Russia believed that world capitalism had a sinisiter network working to undermine those who challenged it and so spied upon its allies during World War Two in such a way as to infilitrate their security services, bringing about a massive backlash within the country's of their former allies; and its own eventual demise.

America, like Classical Athens, too believes it has a mission to instil democracy throughout the world and too has bought about resentment from the world which is now glad to see the upstart get its comupance. Obama will, in the European view, take the US into dire straits.

China's propaganda line is that the US is, as according to Marxist dogma, about to collapse due to the inherent weakness of capitalism and so is now less of a player and can be safely ignored, abused, or even out right attacked with no fear of retribution, leaving the stage set for an eventual installation of world communism, thereby fulfilling China's anciet mission: that of being the Middle Kingdom, the rest of world the surrounding subservient states.


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