Does A Super Power Need Parades?

By Alexey Braguine
Nov. 13, 2012

Have you noticed how quiet the international scene has been just before and right after the American elections? Obama was too busy fighting it out with Romney and Hillary Clinton was perhaps packing her bags. The punch up in Syria continued as normal, the Afghan war, too.. Otherwise, the world, free of Obama threats seemed like a peaceable place, just as if the US had withdrawn its forces into the continental US and lived like a good neighbor in the global village.

Meanwhile, European experts predict that in three years, China¿s economy will surpass that of the US. and a US Navy aircraft carrier battle group is sailing around the Western Pacific burning US taxpayers' money and achieving nothing.

So what will happen when China becomes the supreme economic engine on the planet? If the US acts wisely, cuts its crazy military spending and invests in new technology, it can become the top caterer to the land of the Middle Kingdom and thus provide US citizens with a high standard of living.

If Russia liberalizes its economic and political policies, the US should seek to establish economic partnerships there. But, in order to create the atmosphere of trust needed, it must stop threatening Russia with NATO and the missile defense shield.. In other words, copy the Chinese.

The rest of the world likes the rise of the Chinese economy, the European Union is now China's largest trading partner and China's rise will pull the EU out of its economic doldrums.

Latin America is also happy with China and now, pretty much ignore the US. A good example is prosperous Chile. Not many years ago, Chile exported 60% of its goods to the USA, Today, it exports only 16% to the giant of the north. And you will have trouble finding anything manufactured in the USA. However, the other night I ate some excellent California grapes in Santiago.

Yes, there is room for US products abroad. As any small businessman knows, to conquer a market, first you must earn the customers' good will. You don't do it by parading aircraft carriers all over the world.


About the author: Alexey Braguine spent four years in Vietnam and Laos during the American involvement there. He has also worked in the Middle East and has visited Pakistan-Afghan border areas. He is the author of Kingmaker, a geopolitical thriller.

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