Obama Good For Austerity

By Mike Haran
Oct. 2, 2012

I have a feeling that the powers that be are going to put Obama back in. It is part of a play occurring all over the world . A liberal is elected and then once in implements severe austerity measures. Either the giveaway stop or everything collapses, government, business, society, everything. Someone somewhere has convinced politicians, regardless of political stripe, that the end is near. Take the case of the Canadian province of Ontario. Could Tim Hudack (The conservative opposition candidate) have been allowed to do to the teachers what Dalton McGuinty (the liberal Ontario Premier) has done by imposing a salary cap on their salaries despite the chagrin of the unions?

Obama is no fool and does not want everything to just disappear. We can count on him when re-elected to put into place even tougher austerity measures, measures that Mitt Romney, if elected, will never be able to as Obama can will be on his second term and not need to suck up to the 49% of whatever they at present call themselves.

North and south of the border, in fact all over the western world, things have now gone beyond politics. Someone somewhere has convinced those who call the shots of the present danger putting into affect the dismantling of a dangerous structure regardless of how the media and special interest groups complain.

Obama is in a reasonably secure position as the political capital built up for him by the media can now be used to dismantle the give away projects so favoured by the media. I am sure that when he gets re-elected those who voted for him will be in for a very nasty surprise.

I have no hard cold information for this, only the fact that Canada's super liberal Mcguinty, and to a lesser extent Rob Ford (Toronto’s controversial conservative mayor) have both pursued this course. In the case of McGuinty there has been little backlash except from the unions, which is to be expected. As for the mayor, as can be expected, all hell broke loose. Despite this he has slashed hundreds of millions from the Toronto civic deficit, in fact just about getting rid of it since assuming office. The ceaseless attacks by the media and certain city hall councilors are stupendous; even more so than those upon Romney but, in the long run, will be to no avail. Society, despite media ballyhoo playing upon the weakness of democracy (where the least intelligent have such a loud voice), will mysteriously, as if following an instinctive biological command: stop at the abyss.


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