The First Presidential Debate

By Mike Haran
Oct. 5, 2012

I saw all of last nights debate as I at the same time skimmed through the latest edition of 'The General', a military interest magazine. After a few minutes into the debate it become apparent that Romney had won. He knew his stuff, not giving the impression that he had studied the subject in much the same way as those who had launched the D day invasion, as had been imputed by his staff and others prior to the debate. I do a little bit of writing and sometimes have to deal with editors who have deadlines, and believe you me, if you don't know what you have written it will be a hopeless task trying to explain something that confuses him. Right away I saw that Romney was talking about things he was truly interested in, while Obama seemed to give the impression he was in some kind of a TV quiz show.

This is not his fault as he is after all a product of the media, his election a carefully choreographed affair which would have been a credit to a rock production. Of course he is not really interested in all that boring political stuff as he comes from a culture where politics is considered a slight of hand used by the 'man' to enslave the masses.

His base is those who consume the greatest amount of TV. TV makes a person lazy as every thing is done in a simplistic way, the message portrayed as a given, the viewers eyes directed to objects that reinforce the message.It wasn't always this way. I remember the early colored movie efforts, and even the black and white productions, where we all went in for a laugh giving hoots of contempt as the guy in the white hat rode over the horizon; sometimes mocking hoots of encouragement when the hero kissed the girl.

I think it was during the sixties that movies stopped being (but for a very few masterpieces) objects of contempt but as being 'socially relevant'. We heard all about police corruption in 'Serpico', and how the bad guys were really the good guys in 'Easy Rider', and how in 'Coming Home' the war in Vietnam and soldiers in general were a bad thing. In those days the public had not yet had their minds turned to mush by TV and so the products of the media were of a pretty high, if untruthful, standard, unlike today's product which while still dishonest is of a lower standard,sometimes bordering on the idiotic.

Obama knows his audience and so do his handlers. Most have never read a book in their lives and so they know that they can more or less get away with anything. Whether the debates will change anything is a moot point as Obama's voters are those who don't want to know anything; believing what they believe, anything going against their indoctrination automatically shut out.

By the way the magazines challenge to the reader to plan a campaign in an alternate manner to the historical one proved far to complicated for me.


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