Is Jerry Sandusky A Victim?

By Mike Haran
Oct. 10, 2012

At the risk of sounding pro gay I have to say that I, after my initial contempt wore off on hearing Sandusky's jail house statement, feel sorry for him. Hearing him spout the traditional liberal line regarding government conspiracy brought to mind the ravings of the lunatics who have contributed to Sandusky’s problem. How come so many kids were assaulted over such a long period of time with no one finding out? Wouldnt at least one of them speak up. The answer came from Sandusky himself in his statement where he attempted to smear his victims with the fact that they have ‘issues’ having come to him from some kind of a rehabilitation program. It becomes clear that they have been indoctrinated by their peers never to inform the authorities of any wrongdoing as that would make one less of man; a stool pidgeon.Obviously Sandusky knows how things go otherwise why would he so blatantly abuse the boys over all of these years.

He is a victim of the system. Many years ago when the law was more stringent he would have been afraid to pursue the course of action he did, and even if he did would probably have been spotted a lot sooner, charged and sent to detention for a far shorter period of time than he is now going for. The current moral climate allows for this type of behaviour allowing him to damn himself to the fullest extent of the law.

I can’t see any hope for people in his condition given the current laws regarding homosexuality. He himself probably feels that he should have been stopped years ago instead of given so much rope with which to hang himself. The so called liberal laws of today are in fact sadistic. Sure there is, on the surface, an aura of freedom. We can walk down the streets in perfect safety. We can press charges against those who violate our rights . Everything looks so good. Under this façade are those who live in fear and subject to a different set of rules. They cannot go to the law as it is set up in such a way as to protect powerful and leave the weak vulnerable.

A few yards away from those going peacefully and sagely about their business are miles and miles of high-rise ghettos where fear is the order of the day, those having no connections subject to the whims of those who do, the penalty for contravention of the unwritten code physical violence and even death. You can be sure that Sandusky’s victims were well aware of this, in their minds the constantly nagging question of whether they were safe or not.

This can be the only explanation as to why none spoke up earlier.

If they did Sandusky would have been put in a facility where he would have been isolated and of no threat. But then again it is a question of money. Sandusky is able to afford the best lawyers, and using our perverted legal system able to spread a reign of terror amoung all whom came in contact with him.


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