Babylonians And Medes And Obama

By Mike Haran
Oct. 23, 2012

Watching the third Presidential Debate it soon became clear that Romney had won again; although the polls don't seem to agree with me. Let me see now. Romney has a record of good fiscal management but said something that was not quite true and so on the basis of this there is a large chunk of the population who are now more inclined to give Obama the task of running the country. It seems that Obama and his ilk are catering to those who are looking for a father figure rather than a president, what with all of this talk of personalities and who said what, who is nice, who has a nice smile, who stands in a certain way etc, etc.

In the year 612 BCE the Assyrian city of Nineveh fell to the combined forces of the Babylonians and Medes leaving not a trace of an empire that had been a part of world history for a thousand years. The beneficiary, Nabonidus king of Babylonia, favored the moon god Sin, made his son Belshazzar co-regent, and spent much of his reign in Arabia. Returning to Babylon in 539 BC he was captured by Cyrus' general Gobryas and exiled ending within five years or so an empire that had been in existence for a thousand years.

Is Obama the US equivalent to Nabonidus king of Babylonia- spending his time worshipping the moon god Sin rather than concentrating upon matters of state? The US, (and the rest of the western world with it), slowly spirals into what could be WWIII as he fantasizes about creating a country of coddled, reassured, spoon fed sheep. Is the presidency of Obama a watershed in the US role as world leader? From the EU to the AU the world is re-structuring itself for the coming shock of a US collapse due to a system of government based more upon gimmick rather than ability.

With the advent of TV and then the internet great winds of influence have been created which the powerful put to use. Along with the shows are commercials breaks, the commercials eventually to impinging into the actual shows as the whole thing has to be paid for. All culture is now based upon a 'can it sell' philosophy, its very existence now dependent upon sales. In order to create the greatest volume of sales the greatest amount of viewers must be attracted and as is always the case the greater number produces the lower average intelligence. The US is now experiencing a collapse due to the electronic culture, voters more and more confused as they absorb the mass of information swirling about their heads in a situational awareness rather than a situational understanding environment.

Who after all has the time to shift through all of the stuff in order to see who is lying and who is telling the truth? There used to be people bred especially for this job but who now seem to have dropped out of fashion; the aristocracy.

It seems the US is now following the route of all republics, a fast crazy short life followed by a spectacular death. One of the first republics, that of Fifth century BC Athens, lasting two hundred years or so until the invasion of Philip II of Macedonia. Rome attempted to set itself up as a republic but it too could not stand the stress and strain of democracy falling apart with the competing factions of Sulla and Marius, the assassination of Julius Caesar leading to the installation of Augustus as the Emperor of an empire.

With a US devolution what will take its place? Athens was eventually incorporated into the Roman Republican system. When that fell apart it became the eastern branch of the Empire which eventually fell to the Ottoman Empire, its capaital of Constantinople now Istanbul. I think a US collapse will more resemble that of Assyria than that of imperial Rome which eventually reconstuted itself as medieval Europe..What system can the former US fall back upon, that of a monarchy?


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