Who Says American Exceptionalism Is An Accepted Doctrine Of The Right

By Mike Haran
Sept. 6, 2011

Who says American exceptionalism is an accepted doctrine of the right.Not in the UK where I'm from. In fact US bragging about their superiority in everything from the winning WWII to their super concern for world human rights is a standard joke. Every American seems to think that the founding of the US bought enlightenment to the entire world. They seem to miss the point that western exceptionalism, despite US propaganda to contrary, has been occuring since the days of Aristotle. The US, and to a lesser extent France, seem to be the catalyst for the fragmentation of the democracies with their blind destruction of the Aristrocracy.

Every civilization needs a culture in order to set a course for future genrations. Groups such as lawyers and indultrialists have an interest in short term profit and so are not capable of instituting a national policy. A group able to survive, no matter what the short term gains, an aristocracy, is best suited to run a country.

One could say that France and the US precipitated the fragmentaion (although not the final destruction)of the west. Just as the Ancient Greeks survived the monolithic Persian empire so will the fragmentated reconstitued western states (hopefully bereft of US influence) too survive.

Yes, I too have heard Rush Limbough putting down the ancient civilations as now being but a pile of ruins. Does he really think the US will be anything else? American permissiveness has now spread a social cancer across the entire globe where social values are replaced by those of hollywood actors. This all prevsive obsessioin with the worship of the self is now bearing fruit as whose chunks of society become dysfuntional, never to be absorbed into main stream to become ever more a drain on the public purse to a point where the taxpayer revolts and refuses to pay.


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