GOP Up, Hose Down

By Timothy N. Stelly
Sept. 22, 2011

ROBBING PETER? HOW ABOUT PAUL? After perusing the various post-debate polls (Sept. 13), it is clear that Ron Paul is being ignored by the mainstream media. While the focus is still on Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and the fledgling campaign of Michelle Bachmann, the comments section at various internet sitesm including Yahoo News, MSNBC (Sept. 7, where Paul “won” with 59%), and (where he won 96% of the vote), Paul is the darling of voters and receives support that overwhelms Perry’s and Romney’s.

Despite the booing when he voiced his view on American militarism in the Middle East, Paul is a breath of fresh air from the robotic responses we’ve heard over and over from the so-called “frontrunners.” The spiel concerning anti-Americanism in the Middle East amd the reason we were attacked on 9/11 has always been attributed to their hating our way of life—our openness in the media, our worship of vice, and the fact that American women are endowed with inalienable rights, including the right to walk around unmasked. Paul thinks otherwise.

He claims we spawn anger in that region of the world because we have bases and bomb their holy lands. “We have a presence in 130 countries and 900 military bases around the world.” He added, “We have to be honest with ourselves. What would we do if another country, say, China, did to us what we do to all those countries over there?”

Paul has a consistent record of arguing against U.S. military intervention. He denounced the Obama administration for using American air power in Libya , and voted against the war in Iraq . However, he initially voted for the use of force in Afghanistan , but later expressed regret for doing so. However, I’ve said it many times before: let some folks tell it, there is no greater insult than a revealing fact. Booing Paul for saying what he did is like breaking a mirror because what you see is ugly. Can the melodrama and do something about the ugliness.

The media portrays Paul as some grumpy old libertarian; as feisty and thoughtful but not on the same page as most Americans. This is what I think has always made him an appealing candidate. He is the ideal that was first sought by the Reform Party (remember them?)

President Obama is also ignoring Paul, calling Romney and Perry “credible.” Fact of the matter is, both are flawed and the Obama team can pick them apart on important issues such as healthcare (Romney), dismantling Social Security (Perry), phony job creation numbers (both), secession (Perry), and even religion (Romney). Fact of the matter is, this is the GOP Junior Varsity squad, as the big guns Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Mark Sanford and Bobby Jindal—whom the GOP salivated over after the 2008 election—have already proven they’re unfit for the nomination.

THE MALARKEY OF CAIN: Also getting major notice was Herman Cain, who is becoming more cogent and comfortable on the campaign trail. However, I think his 9/9/9 plan may have been ripped off from the Brothers Grimm.

Cain will fudge facts. In response to the Romeney-Perry clash on social security, Cain, in the Sept. 7 debate, stated that the system was “broken” and offered the following solution., “Start with optional personal retirement accounts. In 1981, the Galveston County employees, they opted out because that was a very short window of opportunity. They took it. Today, when people retire in Galveston County, Texas, they retire making at least 50 percent more than they would ever get out of Social Security."

This was not necessarily true, as the Galveston plan does not account for inflationa and fails to make necessary adjustments. Also, those on lower income scales who contributed to this plan would actually receive more under Social Security, in partticular if they have larger families and comntrinuted less than their mopre affluent coworkers.

GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT: One of the reasons American voters are walking around in a fog is because they never question the ambiguity of government claims, from differentiating between “taxes and fees” to raising taxes and the closing of corporate loopholes. A more recent form of government weird-rap came about this week, when s a few days before the tenth anniversary of 9/aa came alleged terrorist threats that were “clear, credible, but unconfirmed.” What the hell does that mean? If its clear and credible, shouldn’t that mean it has already been confirmed? If it is confirmed, doesn’t that mean it is at least credible, if not clear?

Looks like Obama’s crew is also using “scarology” to grab the attention of Americans. Maybe if no attack occurs he’ll claim that his domestic policy prevented it.

SHOULD HILLARY RUN? That is the hot question, whether Hillary Clinton will challenge Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. Don’t think Dem bigwigs haven’t been putting the bug in her ear. If the economy does not improve within the next six months and Obama’s base continues to erode, coupled with GOP trickery like they want to use in Pennsylvania where the electoral votes are split by percentage (with an extra two votes going to the winner of the popular vote), her chances of beating Barack would look good.

For starters, she has the toughness to fight back against the Tea Party. When it comes to ballsy people, she makes John Boehner look like Tiny Tim. She has the experience, she has Bill and she has the same gender make-up as does 51% of the population. The white voter base that is abandoning Obama would come back if Hillary ran.

My prediction: She enters the primaries in April…

BE CAREFUL WHATCHA WISH 4: Just because racism isn’t as blatant as it was, say in the 1960’s; and just because Barack Obama shocked the world when he won the Iowa primary 3-1/2 years go, does not mean America is at a racial détente.

As blacks, we were stunned to see one of ours win the Democratic nomination and cried when he won the presidency, because few, if any of us, believed we would see such a thing during our lifetime. What we failed to remember is that the first black anything catches hell: from the kids trying to attend Little Rock Central High, to Jackie Robinson to the first black cadet at West Point, James W. Smith.

He is a pioneer, but brother Barack is catching hell. From Fox Noose to some of the members of Congress to Tea Party members, birthers and chumps like Donald Trump—the hatred for this man, based more on the color of his skin than his policies, is a scab that America has picked and once again has become infected.

Four more years? Probably, but can he endure it?

Post-racial America my @$$.


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