The Olympics And Assorted Thoughts

By Meri Ulrich
Sept. 14, 2012

First, let me say that although I didn't watch every single second of the 2012 Olympics, I did watch enough to know that Team USA made me very proud with their many accomplishments. Actually, I was proud of all of the athletes who participated because of the years of dedication and hard work that they put into getting this far.

I didn't like some of what was presented; i.e. the Opening Ceremonies cut out a portion honoring the fallen Olympians killed in Munich and the tribute to the 7/7 survivors and fallen of the terror attacks on London. Why we weren't allowed to see this raises all sorts of questions for me. I wonder if NBC was afraid that Americans and others would begin a crusade against Muslims? I can't imagine a good reason for the censorship that took place and I find that NBC was cowardly in their decision not to show us the full show. It was apparent that there was a gap in the coverage and that made what started out as a wonderful production seem disjointed and confusing at times. Also, the tribute to Britain's National Health Services seemed a bit odd considering that Americans are in turmoil over our own health care policies. Of course, that isn't Britain's problem and they are apparently proud of their health care system.

Getting back to the good parts, I enjoyed watching the rivalry between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte and was thrilled that Michael fulfilled his goal to become the most decorated Olympian ever. Ryan's looks seem to steal the thunder of his accomplishments at times and when I read that he might consider becoming the next "Bachelor" I was horrified. Why would such a talented and well respected athlete want to tarnish his image by appearing on that hokey, fake show? I hope that rumors are not true and that he never decides to give up his well earned reputation and dignity to be the next "Bachelor". Surely, Ryan doesn't need to search for love on television. There are probably lines around the entire globe wanting to meet and date Ryan.

I enjoyed watching Gymnastics and still wonder why Rhythmic Gymnastics are considered a sport. As pretty as the whole thing is, it seems like fluff in comparison to the real Gymnasts who do such daring moves and risk injury in order to compete.

Now we come to my pet peeve...Volleyball...24/7 for two entire weeks. I know that a lot of you might enjoy a game of Volleyball and that some of you play the game as well. I do not, but that isn't why I object to the constant coverage. With all of the many events scheduled for every Summer Olympics there must be something else to constantly film aside from Volleyball. I found myself turning off the television set whenever I saw the players on my screen. Enough was enough yet it went on and on and on.

When NBC finally listened to the objections of the many viewers who got tired of them pretending that we were seeing things in real time and started to refer to the events as having happened earlier I was relieved. Anyone who doesn't realize that there is a big time difference between America and the British Isles is probably not aware that the Olympics are on and are watching "World's Funniest Videos" or some other equally brain-dead show anyway.

All in all the 2012 Summer Olympics were a roaring success especially from the stand point of an American viewer. We won the most medals and we made our country proud. We saw great triumphs and very few tragedies and our young people behaved in a dignified manner. They were gracious winners and gracious losers and for that I commend them.

As for NBC, I suggest that they let some other network air the next games because they have apparently not sorted out how to handle censorship or the fairly simple mathematics of time differences between countries.

I have to admit that I prefer the Winter Olympics because I love to watch skating and skiing but all in all the summer games were a success.


About the author: Meri Ulrich has a Medical/Legal background and is a former forensic researcher specializing in psychological profiling.

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