Obama Administration Covering Up CIA Operation In Libya?

By Top News Reports
Sept. 17, 2012

The Obama administration is spreading a myth that this attack on the Libyan ambassador was a random act by protestors in response to a YouTube video. Nobody believes that. Glenn Beck is reporting a possible botched CIA operation involving the Libyan ambassador to collect weapons back from the Libyan rebels. This would explain the low profile vehicle used instead of the bullet proof car that an ambassador would normally use. This would explain the former Seal's message to the gaming community which seemed more like an SOS signal than a message to gamer buddies.

The reason for publishing this report is to encourage a further investigation. It remains to be seen if the media will ask a tough question or do research to find the truth on this story. Maybe we should just accept that it was all because of a YouTube video like Ms. Rice would have us believe.

I think not.



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