President Obama Meets With World Leader Whoopi Goldberg

By Top News Reports
Sept. 24, 2012

Who is advising President Obama? It sure isn't Bill Clinton. Clinton looked at a crisis as an opportunity to make himself look good. He would be meeting with every world leader he could think of in this situation with the Middle East on fire. President Obama just doesn't seem to care. He would rather meet with his buddies in entertainment like Jay Z, Beyonce, David Letterman, and Whoopi Goldberg. It's probably more fun than having a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, who might talk about serious issues. It's also more fun to go golfing and stay up late watching ESPN than to attend national security briefings.

I get it. Being president is hard. You give up a lot of your life and a lot of your interests when you have to be in charge of a country. You may have to meet with annoying foreign leaders sometimes when all you really want to do is watch sports all day like your brother-in-law. That's your job, though.

It's in times like these that I want a boring, wankish guy to get serious with the issues. When the Middle East is on fire, we need someone meeting with leaders not actors. With the economy in shambles, we need someone to shut off ESPN and take a look at the books. We need a turnaround guy. I hear Mitt Romney turned the Olympics around. Let's give him a try.



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