President Obama Offers Free Phone For Food Stamp Participants

By Top News Reports
Sept. 27, 2012

Mitt Romney was caught saying that 47% of Americans are going to vote for Obama because they consider themselves entitled to free stuff. The media jumped on that as a gaffe. President Obama said he sees "ONLY" hard working Americans when he looks at his voters. We all know the truth here. We all know people like the individual on the video. Not everyone in the 47% that do not pay federal income tax is looking for a handout, but there certainly is a number of voters that do. It's a growing voter block for Obama, because dependency on government is growing. It is growing because of the failed economic policies of the President and because he actually wants more people to sign up for these programs.

This is bad for any country. We need a citizenry that is economically independent not dependant. We need a population that provides for themselves. We need a trampoline, not a hammock as our safety net. We need a growing economy. We need a free society with responsible citizens.

You can get your free Obama phone from Assurance Wireless. You must be on food stamps or government assistance to qualify.



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